Mactac Single Sided PU Film Medical Tape TM5170

TM5170 is a transparent polyurethane film coated on one side with 1.0 mil of skin friendly breathablemedical grade acrylic adhesive. The polyurethane film is supported by a 2.0 mil gloss polyethylene carrierand is protected by a 60# polycoated release liner.

TM5170 is designed for use in applications where comfort, conformability and moisture vapor transmissionis desired. Typical uses include: incise drape, I.V. securement, surgical drape & garment, device overlaminate, wound covering and wound dressing.


  • Intended for long term use (3 days)
  • Monolithic and breathable providing a liquid barrier while allow moisture vapor to escape.
  • Highly conformable with soft skin feel
  • Excellent stretch and recovery properties
  • Durable, good abrasion resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Sterilizable

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