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The Tape Lab uses a variety of slitting methods to slit tapes, films, foams, non-wovens and other flexible materials with or without adhesives. We can slit to custom widths, from large master size logs to micro slit rolls, down to 0.015” wide. Lathe slitting (aka baloney slitting or lever slitting or single-knife slitting) is the most common way to slit tapes, films, foams, non-wovens and other flexible materials with or without adhesives to custom width rolls.
Depending on the material, The Tape Lab also uses rewind slitting to score, shear or razor methods. For very precise tolerances The Tape Lab will slit material in-line on our rotary presses using lineal blades that can hold a tolerance of +/-0.015” depending on the material. Slit rolls are available with different size cores (typically 1”, 3” and 6”).

Slitting Applications

Single Knife/Bologna/Lever Slitting

The Tape Lab slits most of the flexible materials and adhesives we sell to customers on our single knife slitter. The single knife slitter also is referred to as a balony/ lever slitter. These single knife slitters can cut through most flexible materials with a tolerance of +/- 0.032”-0.062” depending on the thickness.

Lineal Narrow Web Slitting

The Tape Lab utilizes our rotary die cut presses for in-line lineal slitting of materials. We can custom lineal slit, in-line, down to a tolerance of +/- 0.015 using lineal blades. This is all material dependent. Most single coated and double coated tapes will slit well using lineal blades. This allows The Tape Lab to hold super tight tolerance on your complex jobs.

Crush Cut Slitting

Also known as rewind slitting, The Tape Lab can crush cut liners and other paper or PET backed material on our rewind machine utilizing crush cutting blades. This is typically done when there is a wide open tolerance on the materials.

Some of our methods of slitting include:

  • Baloney/ Lever Slitting
  • Crush Cut slitting
  • Lathe Slitting
  • Lineal Narrow Web
  • Slitting
  • Perforating
  • Razor Slitting
  • Score Slitting
  • Shear Slitting
  • Single Knife Slitting

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