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Cosmetic Tape

The Tape Lab customizes solutions for the cosmetic and beauty industry. We work with clients who are the brand leaders in both cosmetic as well as beauty aids. We also custom manufacture cosmetic solutions for customers who make nightly face masks to add moisture back into their skin utilizing our extensive product line of hydrogel tapes. We customize shapes for every region of the body depending on what our clients are asking for.

The Tape Lab works with all kinds of cosmetic companies to help them develop solutions for the cosmetic industry. We have some great stick to skin tapes that work so well on the face and neck areas that hold skin firm for hours at a time.

The Tape Lab also has the ability to custom print your company’s logo or message on the liner of every product we make for our clients. We can also customize the release liner to make the end user have a better experience by having the tape be applied with no hassle.

Cosmetic Tape Materials

All of the cosmetic tapes we source are biocompatible with the skin. We have well over 100 different tapes, including rubber, acrylic, silicone, and hydrogel and hydrocolloids that are direct skin approved. We stock several grades of silicone tapes that go on gently to the skin and remove super smooth, thus avoiding any skin tearing or tugging. We also stock several grades of hydrogels, which are used to add moisture back into the skin.
About Cosmetic Tape
Cosmetic tapes can be anything from small strips of single sided flesh tone tape that is used to pull back skin on neck lines to silicone and hydrogel patches that are used on scars to minimize the effects of the scar line after surgery or after childbirth birth. Cosmetic or beauty tape aids are typically used to help with applying makeup for eyelash extensions, but can also be used by consumers to pull back saggy skin on the jowls or neck line to remove frown lines or turkey necks. These tapes are also very popular with overnight masks and also used for moisturizing the face after cosmetic treatments.

Cosmetic Tape Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Face tape is nothing but a simple facial ‘tape’ that pulls back and stretches the skin to create an illusion of a tighter face. The tape is usually breathable, hypoallergenic, and of medical-grade.

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