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The Tape Lab specializes in helping our medical clients find the right hydrocolloids solution for their stick to skin applications. We work with all the major hydrocolloid manufacturers to offer our clients a broad choice of products to make their products robust while keeping the costs down.

Hydrocolloid Applications

Pressure Ulcers

Hydrocolloid dressings promote moist wound healing, manage exudate, aid autolytic debridement and assist with pain management. They may also be used as a primary dressing for Category/Stage I or II pressure ulcers, shallow Category/Stage III or IV pressure ulcers, and for newly formed skin.

Traumatic/Infected Wounds

Hydrocolloid dressings provide a moist and insulating healing environment, which protects uninfected wounds while allowing the body’s own enzymes to help heal wounds. The hydrocolloid dressings are unique because they don’t have to be changed as often as some other wound dressings and are easy to apply.

Ostomy Applications

Choosing a secondary dressing with a semi-occlusive backing (using hydrocolloid as that backing) maintains a dry pouching surface and will prevent moisture from migrating through the outer cover. Dressing change frequency depends on the amount of wound exudate. A wound with excessive drainage may need the hydrocolloid to be changed daily; a wound with minimal exudate may only need the hydrocolloid to be changed two to three times per week.

About Hydrocolloids
A hydrocolloid adhesive dressing contains gel-forming agents in an adhesive compound laminated onto a flexible, water-resistant outer layer. Some formulations contain an alginate to increase absorption capabilities. The hydrocolloids are self-adhering and available with or without an adhesive border and in various thicknesses. Most hydrocolloids are waterproof, so patients can wear them several days through normal washing. Hydrocolloid adhesives absorb bodily fluids and wound exudate. This makes it ideal for ostomy and wound care applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hydrocolloid dressings are used to treat uninfected wounds. Dressings may be used, under medical supervision, even where infections are present. The hydrocolloid dressing should be applied to a cleaned wound.

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