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Laminating allows The Tape Lab to bring similar or dissimilar materials, in roll or sheet form, together to make a single product construction. We also offer multi-layer laminations that can then be die cut, slit or sheeted for ease of use.

We have capabilities to laminate as wide as 60” as well as very narrow down to ⅛”. We can use a standard wide web laminator or we can laminate in-line on our rotary presses for better control and tighter tolerances.

Laminating Applications

Island Placement

The Tape Lab takes a soft felt like nonwoven material and laminates it in-line on our rotary press. We laminate it with a process called island placement. We place the felt like material in the center of a die cut adhesive tape. This process is done on our rotary press so we can control the exact placement of the lamination.

Wide Wed Laminating

The Tape Lab laminates adhesive tapes to foams, films and cloths (woven and non-woven) up to 60” wide.

Some of our methods of laminating include:

  • Adhesive laminating
  • Heat assist laminating
  • Flame laminating
  • Multilayer laminating

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