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Mounting Tape, Bonding Tape and Attachment Tape

The Tape Lab has helped to evolve the Bonding and Mounting Tapes industry by introducing creative designs, easy liner release systems, and our know-how of advanced converting techniques to make life easier for the end user when mounting or bonding two materials together.
The Tape Lab can customize the adhesive and carrier to give the user a perfect product for their needs. The Tape Lab can also custom print your company logo on the release liner of the adhesive to help promote your brand on every die cut or roll good product we make for you. We can help design, develop and manufacture all your bonding and mounting tape products under one roof, and that gives us full control of the process and cost structure to take ideas to market. Ask us about what we can do for you.

Mounting, Bonding, and Attachment Tape Materials

Mounting, bonding, and attachment tapes are made up of:

  • Adhesive transfer tapes
  • Double sided tapes
  • Foam tapes
About Mounting, Bonding, and Attachment Tape
When you think about tape, the entire purpose of it is to attach to something or to to bring two or more substrates together. Mounting Tape, Bonding Tape, and Attachment tape all convene the same use factor: holding things together or attaching to something. They are used for attaching, mounting, bonding or joining two or more materials together. Mounting, bonding, and attachment tapes come in thicknesses from .001″ to 1″ thick.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is yes and no. Mounting tapes can have two sides with permanent adhesive or one side permanent and one side removable. Some examples where permanent mounting tapes are used is in the sign industry. Some typical applications for removable mounting tapes are when picture hanging, wreath hanging hooks and shower dispenser applications.
Mounting tape has been able to hold up to 30lbs of static weight in the right environment. Each use case for holding weight needs to be determined through tests to determine the right mounting tape to use. Consult The Tape Lab to speak to an expert in the mounting industry to help you find the correct mounting tape for your application.

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