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Safety Tape & Materials

The Tape Lab helps keep your company and manufacturing facilities safe, meeting the OSHA and CDC recommended standards. We aren't just a tape distributor selling off-the-shelf safety tape in a box. We create engineered solutions using our know-how of advanced converting techniques to deliver customized products that keep users safe during quiet times and prepared when they least expect it.
The Tape Lab can customize the adhesive and carrier to deliver a perfect product according to user needs. The Tape Lab can also custom print your company logo on most release liners to help promote your brand on every adhesive safety product we sell. We can help design, develop and manufacture all your safety tape under one roof, and that gives us full control of the process and cost structure to take ideas to market. Ask us about what we can do for you.

Safety Tape Materials

There are so many applications where safety tape can be used in today’s workplace, retail shopping center, doctors offices, clinic and shopping centers- just to name a few. The Tape Lab carries a variety of safety tapes including:

  • Caution tapes, which typically consist of colored, striped, or photoluminescent vinyl tapes to adhere to flooring or rails.
  • Anti-slip traction materials like 3M Safety Walk, PVC film, or a cross-linked polyolefin treated film with abrasive grit materials coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive (tape on one side) and a removable protective liner or self wound.
  • High Coefficient Foam tapes (maximum friction and minimal slippage surfaces) utilizing silicone rubber or EPDM and coated cloths.
About Safety Tape

Safety Tapes, by nature, were designed and implemented to show caution or danger. They can prevent and warn people of hazards in any open space. Safety tape can help to prevent slipping and provide illumination or reflectivity under certain conditions.

Safety Tape Products

With so many products available, we find it’s best to speak to an expert directly. Contact us by clicking on the button on the right, or call us directly at (949) 930-3112.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety tape is typically used to warn or caution pedestrians about something. Safety tape is used in the workplace, retail shopping center, doctors offices, clinic and shopping centers- just to name a few.
There are standard usages for caution tapes. For yellow caution tape, the most common in the safety world it means the area has safety and health concerns of a lesser degree. This could range from anything from cables or wires on the ground, noise, heavy equipment being used, or a congested work area. Mainly yellow tape means, “Enter, but proceed with caution.” Barricade tapes that are red in color can mean a safety concern of an immediate or higher potential in a designated area. Red tapes can still have the word “caution” but most of the time you will see the word “Danger.” Immediate dangers can include overhead or suspended loads, work being performed overhead, potential high noise exposure. Red tape generally states: “Do not enter without permission”.

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