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The Tape Lab can take your material and sheet it to any size width and length. Sheeting is a process of cutting flexible materials and adhesives to any configurable rectangular shape and size. We can sheet materials on our old school sheeter or in-line on our rotary presses (when tolerance is critical).

Sheeting Applications

Application 1

The Tape Lab can sheet just about any flexible, non-metalized material that comes in roll form. Typically we sheet adhesive backed material that is laminated to a plastic or foam. We use our sheer sheeter to cut rectangles 12” long up to 20’ long.

Application 2

The Tape Lab can customize our sheeter tooling on our rotary press to hold a tight tolerance. We utilize a sheeter die on our rotary press to cut sheets under 12” long. We can hold a tolerance of +/- 0.020” in the length direction. We do this for a multitude of laminations for our customers.

Some of our methods of sheeting include:

  • Sheeting on our 60” sheer sheeter
  • Rotary sheet blade for tight tolerance sheeting

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