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POP Display Tape

The Tape Lab is the premier source for the point of purchase (POP) industry, with adhesive backed products used by large and small design firms, retail merchandisers, and manufacturers of corrugated displays, fixtures, and signs.
Our products set the standard for excellence by providing reliable tapes (single sided tapes, double sided tapes, double sided foam tapes, and hook & loop with and without PSA) for bonding and mounting and fastening in a variety of POP applications. Our POP display products also help manufacturers eliminate mechanical fasteners, allowing companies to assemble their POP displays faster and at a lower cost.

POP Display Tape Materials

The Tape Lab offers a wide variety of adhesive backed products for the POP industry. We manufacture solutions for your POP display to make the manufacturing easier on you and seamless for the end user to apply, including:

  • Hook and Loop
  • Double sided foam tape
  • Double sided acrylic and rubber tapes
  • Finger lift edge tapes
  • Permanent/Removable tapes (both in standard double coated and foam tapes)
  • Bag and Box sealing tapes
  • Coins 1/4”-2” standard diameters on rolls or sheets
  • VHB tapes
  • High shear tapes

Frequently Asked Questions

POP (point of purchase) displays are marketing materials or advertising displays placed next to the merchandise it is promoting. These items are generally located in the checkout area or other locations at retail stores, c-stores or even movie theaters where the purchase decisions are made.

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