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The Tape Lab can rewind jumbo logs (large rolls) of tapes and flexible materials. We can also slit and rewind most roll goods to meet your exact dimensions in any width and length. This can be useful when needing a specific width or length roll on a specific core for your custom manufacturing application.

Rewinding Applications

Wind Down

The Tape lab winds down jumbo rolls of adhesive tapes into smaller, more manageable rolls for manufacturers to handle. Did you know that most adhesive tapes are made at lengths of ~10K feet? These rolls are known as “jumbo rolls” in the industry. The Tape Lab can take these jumbo rolls and wind them down into any length roll for your business. We can also customer slit the tape while we are winding it down to give you narrower rolls at your custom length.


The Tape Lab can rewind materials on a 3” core with a process called traverse winding. The process takes standard rolls of tape and slits it to a narrow web width and then winds the material right to left in a serpentine pattern to make very long length rolls. These rolls are typically used in the extrusion molding industry. The tape is applied at the extrusion line directly onto the molding. This can save time and money on set ups and reduce line down time.

Some of our methods of rewinding include:

  • Roll-to-roll rewinding
  • Traverse winding

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