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The Tape Lab specializes in helping our medical clients find the right hydrogel solution for their stick to skin applications. The Tape Lab works with all the major hydrogel manufacturers to offer our clients a broad choice of products to make their products robust while keeping the costs down. As hydrogels are very customizable, several of our clients add substances such as vitamins, menthol, fragrances, etc. See what The Tape Lab can do for you.

Hydrogels Applications

Wound pads

Wound pads are designed for a variety of surface adhesion uses, such as wound pads, and modern day cosmetic applications. Whether to skin or another surface, hydrogels are capable of adhering multiple times.

Cosmetic & Beauty Care

The Tape Lab makes customizable solutions for cosmetic and beauty aids using hydrogel laminated to a variety of materials. We use hydrogel for bras, nipple covers, under eye patches and so much more.

ECG Applications

The Tape Lab sources sensing hydrogels that are formulated for monitoring applications such as electrocardiogram ECG, electromyogram (EMG), or other health and wellness and neonatal monitoring. The hydrogels we use offer an excellent skin interface solution with the ability to adhere multiple times.

About Hydrogels
Hydrogel adhesives, made in roll form, are made of predominantly water, which is mixed with compounds to thicken the substance and add to its healing abilities. Hydrogel Adhesives are designed to hold moisture to the skin surface by offering a soothing and gentle solution. There are a variety of applications using hydrogels. Skin contact applications include device fixation, transdermal drug delivery, ECG signaling, defibrillation electrodes, electrosurgical grounding pads, TENS, wearables, wound care and cosmetics. Hydrogels are biocompatible with the skin, conformable and removed gently without residue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hydrogel adhesives are most commonly used in wound dressings. These dressings consist of 90 percent water in a gel base.The hydrogel adhesives help with fluid exchange from within the wound surface. By keeping the wound moist, the hydrogel dressing assists in protecting your body from wound infection and promotes efficient healing.
Hydrogel Adhesives consist of 90 percent water in a gel base. There are several additives that can be applied to the gel to give it new properties.
By keeping the wound moist, the hydrogel adhesives assists in protecting your body from wound infection and promotes efficient healing.

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