3M Double Coated, Differential Medical Film Tape with Acrylic Adhesive on the Device side and Gentle Silicone Adhesive on the skin side, Medical Tape with two Liners

This double sided silicone acrylic medical tape consists of a TPU film carrier with a 3M gentle silicone adhesive on the skin side and an acrylic adhesive on the device side. There are two release liners. The release liner in the silicone side is a clear film release liner and a paper liner on the acrylic side. May be used for health care medical devices. This tape is great for fragile skin on geriatric and newborn skin. The liner on the acrylic side is printable.

Suggested Applications

  • Short term wear of medical devices
  • General taping to fragile skin
  • Can be used as a cover tape for finished device
  • Device attachment to skin
  • Material and / or technology for health care or medical device construction

Gentle Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, No Natural Rubber Latex,Flexible, Conformable, EtO Sterilization Compatible Only, Excellent Initial Skin Adhesion, Premium Clear Polypropylene Liner


Additional Information


Product Number



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Composition of Material

Double Coated Tape-adhesive/ carrier

Adhesion to Steel


Liner & Weight

3.5 mil [0.09mm] Clear Polypropylene Film, one side Fluoropolymer Release on Silicone Side
60# Bleached Kraft Paper on acrylic side


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