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Our Purpose

We are here to help engineer tape solutions.

Our mission is to help companies create customized adhesive products. Our value is in our creative engineering solutions, our relationships with our partners and our expertise in the tape and flexible material world.

We are experts in tape converting and fabricating. We bring knowledge of adhesives and flexible materials as well as methods of die cutting and slitting those materials to our customers.

Talk to an expert at (949) 930-3112.

Our Story

The Tape Lab was created by Jason Zajac to connect the communities of Entrepreneurs and Engineers with tape and flexible material manufacturers to the converter/fabricators that make the end products. The Tape Lab was born out of a need for someone to help Engineers and Entrepreneurs develop adhesive tape solutions.

Our President, Jason Zajac, has worked for tape material manufacturers as well as converters who fabricate the tapes. He saw the need for a conduit to tie end users, tape manufacturers and converters together. Jason brings his unrivaled solution and problem-solving skills to help his customers every day. That is what makes The Tape Lab an excellent partner for all those in the tape/engineering design community.

Jason Zajac

President & Founder

Our Approach

We want to arm our customers with facts and answers about the solutions we offer. Our website has comprehensive knowledge for end users on multiple applications across the industrial, medical and stick-to-skin landscape. Along with the product knowledge, we have product datasheets and quick answers to many of the questions our industry clients need. The Tape Lab prides itself on building strong bonds with the vendor community along with having the most creative and well thought out solutions for their customers. We believe that excellent customer service and speed with answers wins in business.

Let The Tape Lab show you how we get things done.

Contact us at [email protected] or by calling (949) 930-3112.

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