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Medical Tape & Materials

As an expert in the Medical Tape & Materials converting market, The Tape Lab team will help design and manufacture innovative solutions that will best meet your application requirements.

About Medical Tape & Materials

Whether you need skin-friendly materials or aggressive adhesives used in the actual construction of your device, we can help. The Tape Lab has developed a cost-effective, reliable product that is easily applied by both clinicians and patients. Secondly, each product has met FDA regulations for direct skin contact. Medical tape & materials are biocompatible tapes and flexible materials that usually meet BIOCOMP 10993 specifications. They are most commonly used in medical devices, wearables, wound care and wound closure, and consumer healthcare products. 

The Tape Lab offers a wide range of medical grade adhesives, films, nonwovens and wovens, foams, hydrogels, hydrocolloids, silicones and liners. Presently, they are used in the production of medical devices, medical wearables, sensors, ostomy, and draping. The medical adhesives are also used in diagnostic lidding, microfluidics, transdermal patches and wound care or wound closure applications.

Medical Tape & Materials Application

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, medical tapes are used for a wide variety of applications usually associated with adhesives that stick to the human skin. These applications can range from holding a wearable device in place (such as a constant glucose monitor, CGM), holding IVs on the skin before, during or after a medical procedure, and wound closures.

Medical tape has many strengths of adhesive. Further, there are silicone tapes that one can apply gently and remove gently. These are good for infants, the elderly and for people with sensitive skin. There are also rubber and acrylic tapes that get a quick stick bond to the skin and have a very strong holding power, or sheer, and can stay on the skin for 14+ days.

Typically medical tapes are rubber, acrylic or silicone based tapes that offer a variety of adhesion levels depending on the application needs.

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