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As an expert in the Industrial Tapes and Material converting market, The Tape Lab team will help design and manufacture innovative solutions that will best meet your application requirements. The Tape Lab specializes in helping our clients find the right ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) tapes to reduce noise, vibration and harshness in their applications.
The Tape Lab works with the major UHMW tape manufacturers to offer our clients a broad choice of products to make their products robust while keeping the costs down. The Tape Lab can also customize just about any roll or sheet stock of UHMW to meet specifications or requirements.

UHMW Materials

The Tape Lab sells UHMW with adhesive on one side (single coated/ single sided tape). It comes in standard thicknesses of 3, 5, 10 and 20 mils thick. We can coat rubber or acrylic adhesive on one side. Most of the UHMW products we work with come in natural or black in color. Some of the common applications for UHMW are:

  • Spacer tape used for its high coefficient of friction & anti squeak properties
  • Package/cargo handling systems like chute linings, slides, spirals or anywhere packages can get stuck or damaged during transportation
  • Interior of vehicles to eliminate squeaks, noise and vibration and rattling (NVR)
  • Used widely on snowboards, skis’ (snow and water) and wakeboards for scratch and abrasion resistance
About UHMW
Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) tape is a slippery film with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive on one side. It is the ideal material for applications requiring high slip and durability Our UHMW tapes protect surfaces from abrasion and induce a “slip plane” effect to allow contact without wear. UHMW tape reduces squeaks, rattles and other noises that can occur with movement of touching surfaces. It has a coefficient of friction similar to Teflon but is 30 times more abrasive resistant. UHMW tape has excellent chemical and impact resistance.

UHMW Products

With so many products available, we find it’s best to speak to an expert directly. Contact us by clicking on the button on the right, or call us directly at (949) 930-3112.

Frequently Asked Questions

UHMW stands for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. The material itself is strong and versatile. The material offers high abrasion, impact, and wear resistance and is relatively lightweight.

UHMW’s unique properties is its high molecular weight and surface–about 3 to 6 million molecules. Some of the most common application uses for UHMW are snowboard surfaces, boating dock bumpers, food processing conveyors, interior automotive squeaking issues wherever plastics are rubbing together, rail car inner linings or any application where there are a lot of items possibly “scratching” the surface it is being carried on or moved through a factory.

HDPE tapes are low cost tapes. They are typically 2-3X lower in cost than UHMW. They do not have the friction resistance that UHMW tapes offer. UHMW has a structural advantage in low stress applications.

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