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Transdermal Patches

The Tape Lab offers high end, low cost Transdermal/ Topical adhesive patch manufacturing solutions to a broad base of customers. We can provide a wide range of skin-friendly medical adhesive materials formulated with different levels of Botanicals and Vitamins.

The Tape Lab partners with the leaders in the tape and film industry to help your company design and develop Transdermal and Topical patches in doses ranging from 10 MG up to 60 MG. We can offer adhesives that are flexible, breathable and removable. We offer a standard line up of formulations ranging from Sleep and Energy as well as Recovery, Calm and CBD patches. At The Tape Lab we help companies design and manufacture small and large Transdermal and Topical patch die cuts that meet the most stringent health and safety standards. We work with small start up companies as well as large, well established companies to help them get their Transdermal and Topical patches developed and into the market. We offer private labeling for all our customers including multiple patches on a single liner, poly bags and foil pouching or boxes and labeling. The Tape Lab can be your one stop shop for all your Transdermal and Topical adhesive patch designs and manufacturing.

At The Tape Lab we have the expertise, using the latest die cutting technologies for both simple and intricate die cutting and slitting that is required for a plethora of Transdermal and Topical adhesive patch applications. We have an ISO 8 Clean Room for manufacturing when a controlled manufacturing environment is needed and required. We offer sample rolls and die-cuts to support design and pre-production runs. Our flexibility and customer centric market approach allow Transdermal and Topical adhesive patch product designers to test and change designs without incurring excessive costs and have long lead times during prototyping and ramp up. We can customize any adhesive patch system to your shape and size, including having multiple patches on a release liner. We can custom print your company logo and name on the liner as well as the actual patches themselves.

Transdermal Adhesive Materials

The Tape Lab supplies transdermal adhesive patch dies cuts made from single coated, double coated and transfer tape products. They can be rubber hot melt or acrylic based adhesive systems depending on your need. At The Tape Lab we can help mix and match different adhesives with different backing (thin foams, Polyethylene or Polyurethane film) materials to make you a custom material solution that will meet your wound closure needs.

  • Hot Melt Rubber Adhesives
  • Acrylic Adhesives
  • Polyurethane backing
  • Polyester backing
  • Polyethylene backing
  • Woven and Non-woven backing
  • Printer Paper or Film liners

Transdermal Adhesive Products

With so many products available, we find it’s best to speak to an expert directly. Contact us by clicking on the button on the right, or call us directly at (949) 930-3112.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transdermal and Topical Patches act as a transdermal delivery method for administering Botanicals and Vitamins through the skin in the form of an adhesive patch. The Botanicals or Vitamins (in the form of oils or powder) is compounded into the adhesives and made into a “tape” that is then die cut by The Tape Lab into individual patches for dosing.
Generally, patch users will start to feel the effects of the patch within the first 20 minutes of applying the patch.
Users should contact their doctors or a medical professional before using Transdermal or Topical Patches. There are many studies published showing the benefits of using Vitamins and Botanicals in patch form.

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