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Spooling & Reeling

The Tape Lab has the ability to take tapes and flexible materials and slit and traverse wind them on spools to increase the length of a material for less change over and down time when tapes or foams need to be applied on a moving extrusion line or assembly line.

Spooling allows our customers the choice of having long lengths of material wound onto a single spool, up to thousands of feet, optimizing productivity by reducing down time for the end user. The benefits of spooling is that you get longer run times and higher line speeds as well as fewer roll changes and splices during final processing (end-use). The Tape Lab can also traverse wind strapping tape in large length spools for the appliance and white goods industry, allowing for minimal downtime on the assembly line. The Tape Lab is able to wind materials on spools up to 13” wide with outside diameters up to 18″. This increases the end users throughput while at the same time decreases the downtime needed to change rolls.

Spooling & Reeling Applications

Windows and Doors

Typical applications are double and single sided foam tapes for the window and door industry.The Tape Lab can make very long length spools for automated taping machines for the window and door assembly houses. This reduces changeovers of material and increases throughput.

Extruded Molding

The Tape Lab makes long length “pancake” rolls as well as spooled rolls of tape that get applied as hot extrusions come out of the extruder. These long length rolls are applied using an automated taping process and significantly reduce the manual labor of changeovers and application needs.

Some of our methods of spooling & reeling include:

  • Traverse wind spooling and reeling
  • Overlap. Side by side, or step winding

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