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Boob Tape

The Tape Lab works with the leading brands in the Fashion industry for boob tapes. Our engineers have been evolving the boob tape market for stick-to-skin bra material. Our products include the sticky bra, breast lift tape and nipple covers (also known as pasties) designed with new stick-to-skin materials and advanced converting techniques.

Bring your product to life

The Tape Lab is a manufacturer of breast lift tapes, adhesive bras ranging from sizes A-DD (the sticky bra), nipple covers, and fashion tape. If you or your company has an idea about a new stick to skin boob tape, we are the company to contact first to help you bring your idea to a reality. We have experience working with the market leaders in the boob tape field as well as many small startups that need someone like The Tape Lab to help bring their idea to life. Our experienced staff can help you with the material selection, sizing of your product and ideas for the ideal boob tape packaging to market your product while keeping costs down.

Boob Tape Materials

There are several options for materials when designing new boob tape applications. The Tape Lab stocks all kinds of flexible, soft materials for the boob tape market, including:

  • Single Sided tapes (cloth, non-woven, PP facestocks)
  • Double sided tapes
  • Foam Tapes

The Tape lab uses a tremendous amount of single sided tapes for breast lift, nipple cover and fashion tape applications. We offer single coated tapes that have 4 way stretch that contour around both large and small breasts to offer comfort along with stretchability. We also have single coated tapes that have one way stretch to give some structure to boob tape applications. And, we can tape non-woven (gauze like material) and laminate that onto a single sided tape using island placement to give a non-adhesive center material for your nipple covers.

About Boob Tape

The term boob tape is synonymous with breast lift tapes, adhesive bras (the sticky bra), nipple covers, and fashion tape. All of these categories fall within the term “boob tape”. Boob tape comes in many forms and can greatly help people where traditional bras and clothing fail to complement or support breasts. It is commonly used under formal wear and swimsuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Boob Tape the category that generally consists of breast lift tape, adhesive bras and nipple covers (pasties). Boob tape is used as a replacement for a bra. Some typical situations are when wearing formal attire, wedding dresses or any low cut blouses where a typical bra won’t work.
Yes. Boob tape has been around in some shape or form for over 30 years. The Tape Lab uses skin safe biocompatible adhesive tapes that are skin friendly and have been making boob tape applications for a long time. With the constant invention of new, gentler adhesive tapes there will be more activity to make more gentle and soft boob tape bras and nipple covers. Contact us today to hear about the great new materials that are available to construct your boob tape.

The answer is yes—Boob Tape was originally intended as a solution for big boobs, but can be used and is effective on boobs of any size.

Generally adhesive bras are for one-time use only. If the bra is not made of silicone adhesive, and has stuck to the skin, it will not re-stick again.

Additional Questions

Sensitive – Use Silicone adhesive made for sensitive skin. Recommended for gentle, sensitive or very dry skin.

Strong – Use Acrylic adhesive for strong and comfortable designs of bras or nipple covers. This is the most popular adhesive and used on most boob tape for most women.

Extreme – Rubber adhesive is the strongest and stickiest adhesive with some serious hold. This will get immediate stick to skin and have extra strength for women with oily skin and extremely heavy breasts.

Any type of oil (olive, coconut, etc) should remove any residual adhesive. You can also try an alcohol wipe.
Wrinkles are ok and normal for most people using boob tape of any kind. You will not be able to see small wrinkles under clothes.
Yes, this is one of my most common uses for Boob Tape.

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