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Automotive & Transportation Tape and Materials

The Tape Lab works differently. We convert adhesive tape and related materials for the automotive and transportation industries using adhesive tape and flexible films and foams that help cut costs, improve quality and streamline manufacturing in every aspect of vehicle assembly.
The Tape Lab offers pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and flexible materials that are designed for bonding and mounting applications in the automotive industry. Our engineered solutions, including automotive tape, are used for a wide variety of applications and offer a wide variety of adhesive solutions for the transportation industry used for the exterior, interior, body and electrical systems including electrical insulation tapes, anti-slip tapes, paint masking tapes, fine line & paint masking tapes.

What We Offer

Automotive Tape Applications

Permanent bonding of emblems, body side moldings and trims to exterior car body surfaces: We manufacture foam tape slit rolls and die cut parts that can be precision slit or die cut to meet your automotive specs while helping you manufacture your parts quicker and more economical.

Mirror Mounting: Use double sided foam tape to bond your mirror to the plastic housings.

Die cut parts cover holes: We manufacturer breathable tapes that allow outgassing during the automotive manufacturing process.

Paint masking: The Tape Lab paint masking films and tapes are treated with a unique formula that attracts paint overspray and also reduces flaking to during painting applications.

Surface protection: The clear coats and plastic or metal parts of brand new cars are only perceived as high quality if they are clean and not damaged. Our surface protection range provides self-adhesive tape solutions for safe global vehicle transportation. Surface protection films help reduce the risk of damage in the automotive transportation process. Our protection tapes result in less damage and meet the high expectations of car manufacturers. Interior automotive surface protection tapes prevent scratches on sensitive substrates. The Tape lab converts protective film tapes for surface protection used in the appliance, automotive, metals, nameplate, & plastics industries.

Cable Wrapping and Wire Harness: A single sided tape or hook and loop that wraps up a cable harness, also known as a wire harness, wiring harness, cable assembly, wiring assembly or wiring loom, is an assembly of electrical cables or wires which transmit signals or electrical power.

Sound & Vibration Damping: Damping Tape, Sound Dampening Tape or Vibration Dampening Tape is used to reduce noise, vibrations, squeaks, and rattles. Sound and vibration dampening uses Tapes, foils and foams in the automotive, marine, aerospace, electronic and construction industries.

Buzz, Squeak and Rattle: UHMW, Foam and Foil tapes are used to reduce noise, vibrations, squeaks, and rattles in vehicles. UHMW, foils and foams in the automotive, marine, aerospace, electronic and construction industries.

Heat Shielding: Heat shield tapes and high temperature tapes are the best high temperature solution to secure shield components quickly. Heat shield tape can be used to shield 75-90 percent of radiant heat.

Gasketing: The Tape Lab can make gaskets for any automotive or transportation application using PSA, foam, or films. We can construct gaskets using adhesive with:, rubber, silicone, cork, felt, neoprene, nitrile rubber, fiberglass, and PTFE.

Weather Seals: The Tape Lab provides double-sided, acrylic foam tapes for the adhesive bonding of weather seal products to a vehicle’s body. Our products are approved for many OEM specifications.

Seat Heating Tapes: Assemble various layers of seat heating components. Many applications help with bonding seat heating elements, felts, foams, polyesters and other substrates.

Venting Tapes: The Tape Lab provides high-performance, temperature resistant, adhesive tapes for microporous venting materials. Vent design throughout a vehicle offers significant challenges to adhesive tape products. Many vehicle areas, like headlights, generate tremendous amounts of heat, which can quickly break down a standard adhesive. Automotive and Transportation components are also now commonly constructed of low surface energy (LSE) plastics, such as Teflon.

Carpet and headliner fixation: The Tape Labs offer bonding for carpets, headliners, leather and textile fabrics to vehicle interiors such as doors, dashboards and floors.

Automotive and Transportation Capabilities
The Tape Lab can make your life a lot simpler when you partner with us as your converter. We can slit, die cut and package all of your materials in our state of the art manufacturing facility and offer custom multi-layer laminations, die cuts with extended liners or butterfly tabbed liners (like a bandaid), island placement and registration of materials, printed logo liners, short roll winding and rewinding. We also offer design assistance, prototyping, and basic testing all the way through full scale production.

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