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VHB Tape

The Tape Lab is proud to offer our customers the very best tape ever created, Very High Bond (VHB) Tape. Specifically, we offer 3M™ VHB™ Tapes, which offers outstanding durability for long-term performance.
It resists cold, UV light, temperature cycling, moisture and solvents. It can seal against environmental conditions and offers design flexibility by expanding the range of material options for high impact visual combinations. It also allows for the use of lighter weight and thinner materials to lower component and transportation costs for end users.

VHB Tape Materials

VHB tapes are a family of double-sided foam tapes made from high performance acrylic adhesives. The adhesives are on a closed cell acrylic foam core that offers strength and a variety of stretchiness, depending on the grade of VHB you need. VHB has so many product and material combinations depending on the application it is being used in. The Tape Lab can help you narrow down your search for the right VHB material for your application.

VHB comes in high surface energy grades as well as low surface energy grades. There are several formulas of VHB that come as thin as 10 mils thick all the up to 90 mils thick, and they can handle extreme temperatures without losing structural integrity.

About VHB Tape
The superior performance of 3M™ VHB™ Tapes can be used to replace mechanical fasteners for joining a wide range of materials. VHB is used in every industry including transportation, appliance, electronic, signage, medical device, building and construction, aerospace or anywhere you need high performance with unmatched bonding strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

VHB is typically not considered removable. The tape itself is made of acrylic adhesive that is coated on an acrylic foam to form a durable double sided foam tape. The tape will grab and bond to the surfaces it is designed to hold and bond. Typically the tape will experience “foam split” when trying to separate the bond. This is when the acrylic foam core of the tape tears. This leaves the two substrates that were bonded together with the adhesive from each side of the double sided tape firmly bonded to each component with the weakest link, the foam core, spit down the center.
VHB is a double sided tape that is made with an acrylic foam core that is coated with high performance acrylic adhesive on each side of the core. There are several formulations of VHB depending on what you are trying to bond together.

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