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Entertainment & Hospitality Tape

The Tape Lab helps startups and mature, large companies design, fabricate and manufacture adhesive-backed component parts for new or existing products. From set design gaffers tape to hobby related tapes we help companies take a concept and find solutions to make them become reality.

Our team of application engineers has a ton of experience in the entertainment and hospitality converting industry. We can help customize your adhesives and materials to meet your specifications. We also partner with the best adhesive companies, such as 3M, Avery Dennison, Berry Plastics and tesa tape, to offer the broadest selection of products to service the Entertainment and Hospitality market space. The Tape Lab is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company. We can provide documentation and certification for all materials and processes.

What We Offer

The Tape Lab specializes in supplying adhesive tapes and other easy to use flexible products that are used for trade show exhibits, conventions, the concert industry, film and theatre productions, theme park shows and staging and other high profile events. We can make customer width carpet tapes for trade show carpets and removable flooring, as well as tunnel tapes to secure cables and cords, duct tape or gaffers tape for securing different props and equipment, and double sided foam tape for displaying backdrops and graphics.

We can design custom adhesive tape for your specialized application and provide the protective tapes in perforated rolls or individual sheets custom made to your sizes and needs. We also offer protective tapes for transporting all your goods from location to location.

The Tape Lab also converts hook and loop (commonly known as velcro) with and without adhesive on one side. Additionally, almost all of our products can offer your company both permanent and residue free removable in all your applications.

Entertainment & Hospitality Applications
The Tape Lab manufactures tape solutions for cable securing and mounting on set designs. We also custom slit carpet securing tapes for convention center carpets and flooring, as well as set designs that need to be changed over without leaving residue on the flooring surfaces when removing. Our floor marking tapes adhere to a multitude of surfaces for marking and identifying and can be used for both interior and exterior marking and identifying.
Entertainment & Hospitality Capabilities
The Tape Lab can make your life a lot simpler when you partner with us as your converter. We can slit, die cut and package all of your materials in our state of the art manufacturing facility and offer custom multi-layer laminations, die cuts with extended liners or butterfly tabbed liners (like a bandaid), island placement and registration of materials, printed logo liners, short roll winding and rewinding. We also offer design assistance, prototyping, and basic testing all the way through full scale production.

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