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Face Tape

The Tape Lab is evolving the stick to skin face tape market by introducing creative designs, new stick to skin materials, and our advanced converting technique know-how. We can customize the adhesive and carrier to give the user a perfect product for their needs. For example, we offer stretchable polyurethane backed tapes to give the consumer a soft feel on the skin.
The Tape Lab can also custom print your company logo on the release liner of the face tape and manufacture all your face tape under one roof and that gives us full control of the process and cost structure to take ideas to market. Ask us about what we can do for you.

Face Tape Materials

Face tape is usually made of an acrylic or silicone adhesive that is carried on a polyurethane, cloth or non-woven carrier and is usually breathable and hypoallergenic.

Typically, face tape is designed using gentle medical grade acrylic adhesives coated on a sturdy carrier or facestock (cotton or non-woven, polyurethane). However, there are so many new medical grade silicone tapes that The Tape Lab sources that are soft to apply and take off with no ouch moments when stretching or tugging of the skin to get it in position. They go on gently and remove gently yet have a tremendous amount of holding power for both small and large areas of the skin. Utilizing gentle acrylic and silicone adhesives with extended liners makes it easy to apply the product and later remove the adhesive with minimal and reduced skin trauma.

About Face Tape
Face tape is used in the form of a die cut shape to act as an aid to pull and lift skin for maturing or wrinkling facial skin or areas around the neck and neckline.

Face Tape Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Face tape pulls back and stretches the skin to create an illusion of a tighter face, neck or neckline.
Yes. The Tape Lab has helped clients design wonderful solutions to bring their products to market to help the maturing population look more youthful.

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