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Healthcare & Wearable Tapes

The Tape Lab helps startups and mature, large medical device companies design, fabricate and manufacture adhesive-backed component parts for new or existing medical devices, stick to skin wearables, diagnostic lidding applications, microfluidic multi-laminations, transdermal patches, ostomy, draping, wound care and dressing applications, among other uses.

Our team of application engineers has a ton of experience in the medical converting industry. We can help customize your medical grade adhesives and materials to meet your specifications. We also partner with the best adhesive companies, such as 3M Medical, Avery Medical, Polymer Sciences and Dermamed, to offer the broadest selection of products to service the Healthcare and Wearable market space.

The Tape Lab is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and an FDA registered medical device component manufacturer (CM). We will provide documentation and certification for all materials and processes.

What We Offer

The Tape Lab stick to skin wearables are now part of the overall system to treat, medicate and monitor health. We offer a wide range of medical grade tapes (single coated, double coated tapes, films, foams, nonwovens, gels) as well as hydrogels and hydrocolloids and release liners used in the production of medical devices, wearables and other health and beauty applications. We specialize in constructing the perfect adhesive for your skin-friendly needs as well as tie layer adhesives that can be more aggressive and bond to high and low surface energy plastics used in the stack up of your device. We can help develop a cost-effective reliable product that is easily applied by both clinicians and patients in any environment. Our leaders at The Tape Lab have designed thousands of wearable devices over the past fifteen years and have the expertise to help you design and manufacture your ideas, and stick to skin wearable device applications are our specialty.
Did You Know?
Wearable devices are all unique and require the right adhesive solution for sticking to the skin while also bonding to the device. Constant Glucose Monitoring (CGM) applications are very unique and have stringent requirements for sticking to skin while affixing a device to the monitoring device. Adhering new wearable devices with an adhesive patch that helps monitor everything (from vital signs and body temperature to reading blood glucose levels to the skin) has become incredibly important in our everyday lives when it comes to healthcare.
Healthcare & Wearable Tape Applications
Wound care can be tricky to design. The Tape Lab engineers have years of experience designing wound care solutions for negative pressure wound therapy as well as stick to skin wound care and closure applications for infants all the up to geriatrics. We can customize solutions to help companies offer many options for their client ages groups.
Healthcare & Wearable Tape Capabilities
The Tape Lab can make your life a lot simpler when you partner with us as your converter. We can slit, die cut and package all of your materials in an ISO 8 (Class 100K) cleanroom and offer custom multi-layer laminations, die cuts with extended liners or butterfly tabbed liners (like a bandaid), island placement and registration of materials, printed logo liners, short roll winding and rewinding. We also offer design assistance, prototyping, and basic testing all the way through full scale production.

Healthcare & Wearable Tape Products

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