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Stick to Skin Adhesives

Every single application we work on in the stick-to-skin adhesives market is looking to do something unique. That uniqueness challenges The Tape Lab with every single project we work on.

The Tape Lab uses different sources to find the best stick-to-skin adhesives and quality flexible materials, combined with our experience and engineering expertise. We are the most innovative and creative in our approach to designing stick-to-skin applications for short term and long term wear on the skin. 

About Stick-to-Skin Adhesives

There are many factors to consider when designing stick-to-skin adhesives. One of the important factors to consider is the balance between the strength of the skin contact side of the device used to hold the device on the skin while avoiding excessive skin irritation and discomfort to the patient when eventually removing the device. A lot of factors go into a gentle removal of the device for both short and long-term wear on the skin. Every person’s skin is different and reacts differently in different environments.

Some important attributes to consider when designing a stick to skin wearable device include:
  • Age (neo-natal to geriatric)
  • Breathability MVTR (moisture vapor transfer rate)
  • Conformability (is the tape going around a forearm or on your abdomen)
  • Gentle or aggressive adhesion and removability
  • Hydrophilic or hydrophobic
  • Moisture and water resistance
  • Printable liners (is brand important)
  • Release liner characteristics
  • Repeat use
  • Skin type and tape color
  • Sterilization requirements
  • Wear duration < 24 hours to 14+ days

Stick to Skin Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your skin type there are several varieties of tape that could be best suited for a consumers skin type. The Tape Lab can help narrow down the choices by finding out the age of the client, environmental conditions, and wear time.
Yes. Silicone is an excellent choice when our customers are designing a product for sticking to skin. Silicone goes on gently and removes gently as compared to a rubber or acrylic adhesive. The trade off when comparing it to a rubber or acrylic adhesive is that silicone is a much more expensive option.

The Tape Lab typically will find a double coated tape that is sticky on both sides when adhering fabric to the skin. The Tape Lab will be able to find a solution when we understand the conditions in which the fabric is applied to the skin.

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