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Cloth Tape

The Tape Lab specializes in helping our clients find the right cloth tapes and non-woven tapes for their industrial, medical or stick to skin applications
We have access to a multitude of cloth and non-woven tapes from all the major tape manufacturers and we also make our own custom non-woven tape products to offer our clients a broad choice of products to make their products robust while keeping the costs down. The Tape Lab can customize just about any roll or die cut using cloth tapes or non-woven tapes to meet your specifications or requirements. We can completely customize your solution.

Cloth Tape and Nonwoven Tape Applications

Wound Care/Bandages

Nonwoven Tapes have been used in the wound care and bandage market space forever. Their light weight and high conformability make them an excellent choice when designing a wound care or bandage product.

Carpet Tape

Cotton tape coated with a permanent adhesive on one side and a removable adhesive on the other side are commonly used when adhering temporary carpets. This is common for convention centers and trade event centers in the hospitality sector.

Wearable devices

Nonwoven tapes make excellent stick to skin wearable tapes for a variety of applications. They are extremely conformable, resilient and flexible to stretch over skin. They are used in CGM (constant glucose monitor) applications, health care monitors, and ecg monitors.

Boob Tape

Many companies use Nonwoven and cloth tapes for breast lift and nipple cover applications. The cloth and nonwoven tapes are very comfortable and easy to apply and take off the skin.

Other applications of this material include:

  • Bandages
  • Dressings
  • Sterile overwraps
  • Sterile packaging
  • Surgical drapes
  • Surgical gown seaming
About Cloth Tape

Cloth Tapes are usually made from: polyester, cotton, nylon, rayon (both woven or non woven fabrics) with rubber, acrylic, or silicone adhesives on one side or both sides. Many manufacturers will add a coating to the cloth with materials such as PE (polyethylene), PTFE, rubber, silicone, or vinyl. These coatings give the tape more flexibility and make them durable, waterproof, fire-resistant or otherwise unique. Cloth Tape goes by a variety of names depending on the industry in which it is used. It is commonly referred to as Duct Tape, Gaffers Tape, Carpet Tape, Turf Tape, Athletic Tape, and Glass Cloth Tape.

Nonwoven fabric tapes are made of natural and/ or synthetic fibers (Polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene) that are interlocked mechanically, thermally or chemically. One of the best qualities of using nonwoven tapes is that they can be extremely durable. Nonwovens possess very versatile qualities like super absorbency, stretchability, strength, resilience, liquid repellency, softness to the touch, flame retardancy, bacterial barriers, filtering and sterility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloth tape is an adhesive backed tape made with a cloth substrate to make it flexible and durable.
Cloth tape can used for industrial applications like carpet tape as well medical/ stick to skin applications like CGM, health monitoring and boob tape.

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