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The Tape Lab provides a wide variety of liners on your custom die cut parts or slit roll goods to get your message on your finished products. Typical printing The Tape Lab performs are: printing your company logos, your product usage and instructions on liner paper or PET liner. The Tape Lab utilizes flexographic printing for all custom liners.
We also can print on some single coated tapes to add a branding message or a color to make your product stand out.

Printing Applications


The Tape Lab prints logos on liners for our custom tape products. We can print up to two colors on non-coated paper and poly liners for our clients.


The Tape Lab prints instructions on medical related die cut parts we produce. We also print numbers on multiple folded liners that we add to our die cut parts to show the end user the order of operations when removing the liner systems. Please ask us about some of our standard patterns and numbering systems that we have helped our clients implement on their liners to ensure a fail proof application at the end user.


The Tape Lab can custom print on single coated tapes. There are a variety of prints we have done for clients including: branding, private labeling of similar products, color coding, instructions and numbering of tapes. There are so many varieties of prints we have done on single coated tapes. Please ask one of our sales reps what we can print for you.

Some of our methods of printing include:

  • Flexographic printing

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