3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape 9671

  • 8.2 mil total tape thickness is ideal for thin applications requiring high initial adhesion
  • 3M Adhesive 300 is formulated for smooth surfaces, foams and LSEs
  • 83lb. polycoated kraft paper liner provides excellent handling and layflat
  • Suitable for appliances, electronics, automotive and more

3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 9671 features our high strength 3M Adhesive 300, which provides an excellent bond to a range of HSE and LSE materials. This 2.0 mil adhesive is applied to a 6.2 mil polycoated kraft paper liner, making the transfer tape ideal for applications requiring a thin caliper and high tack. The 83lb. liner provides excellent handling and layflat properties.

Added Strength for Thin Applications

Featuring a thin 2 mil high tack adhesive and a durable PCK liner, our 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 9671 adds efficiency and ease of use to a range of general industrial joining jobs including thin applications that require highstrength adhesion. Our 3M Adhesive 300 is formulated for excellent initial adhesion to surfaces including metals, foams, HSEs and LSEs. The 6.2 mil liner is polyethylene coated on two sides for excellent layflat and easy handling.

Recommended Applications:

  • Long term bonding of graphic nameplates and overlays to surfaces such as metal and low surface energy plastics
  • Bonding metal nameplates and rating plates
  • Surface bonding for appliances and electronics
  • Lamination to foam for gasketing applications

A Durable Bond

3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 9671 features our 3M Adhesive 300 (PDF, 472.51 Kb), which affords excellent quick tack and bonds well to a variety of substrates including metals, high surface energy (HSE) plastics and low surface energy (LSE) plastics. This acrylic Adhesive 300 maintains a durable bond even in a 2 mil thickness, and has been tested to ASTM procedures for peel adhesion, temperature and humidity as well as resistance to UV, fuels, acids and detergents.


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