3M Adhesive Transfer Tape

  • 2 mil nominal 220 adhesive offers good sheer strength
  • Good peel adhesion to HSE (high surface energy) materials
  • PCK liner protects adhesive and peels away quickly for easy handling

Economical solution for a variety of general bonding applications

3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 9502 features 3M Industrial Acrylic Adhesive 220, which provides a good bond to HSE materials. This 2.3 mil adhesive is applied to a 4.2 mil polycoated kraft (PCK) paper liner, which protects it until it is ready to be bonded to the substrate.

Economical Solution for Durable Bonds

Featuring a thin 2.3 mil adhesive and a durable PCK liner, our 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 9502 adds efficiency and ease of use to a range of general industrial joining jobs. It features 3M Adhesive 220, which is formulated for good initial adhesion to metal and HSE (high surface energy) plastics.

Recommended Applications

  • General industrial
  • Metal bonding
  • Painted metal bonding
  • Applying nameplates, appliques and decorative trim to HSEs
  • Graphic attachment
  • Lamination to subsurface printed polycarbonate, polyester graphic overlay materials

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